Community Notice: Main Street Corridor Project Update 1-14-2022

By contributor,
Town Seal

Operations suspended on 12/17/21 - No project work currently scheduled

● During the current shutdown the contractor is required to make a request through the DPW Director to continue work. The DPW Director will determine if they can work up to 10 days. After 10 days, another request would need to be made by the contractor to continue to work.

● At this time, no work is planned before the end of January. Further review will take place in February, but will be weather dependent.

Project Status
● Drainage work close to being complete.

● Undergrounding work for vaults and mainline conduit installed from Wood Street to just west of the 85/135 Intersection.

● Should contractor operations commence prior to Spring 2022 work would include installation of underground utility conduit for services to property lines and for traffic signals and controls between Wood Street and the 85/135 intersection.

Anticipated Work - Spring 2022
● The main focus of work will be in the area from the Wood St intersection to the 85/135 intersection.

● Underground conduit will be completed as well as the conduit for the traffic signal at Wood St. After that, the contractor will begin full depth excavation work (removal of pavement and sub-base and installation of gravel, dense graded, base pavement course and pavement binder course.) Once completed, curbing and sidewalk will follow.

● No disruptions from the 135/85 intersection to Ash Street will occur until after the Boston Marathon is completed.

● Main Street Corridor Project website:

● Project contact: Cell: (339) 223-5377