Hopkinton Hangout Hour

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Thanks for your interest in the Hopkinton Hangout Hour. This daily hour-long show will typically have two thirty minute segments. We are looking for people to chat about fun and interesting things as well as informational topics. This show is low-key and casual: think of it as a morning talk show, relaxed and fun! We're using Zoom (it's like Skype) which is pretty straightforward, you do not have to install an app, and we can give you a tutorial if needed!

Below, we'll ask what topics you are interested in discussing, and we will also send you a schedule of upcoming topics, as you may wish to jump in as a guest on one of those shows as well. You need not be an expert to participate, this is a community conversation.

This show has been created to connect our community during this difficult time, so come share your interests! Once we review your submission, we'll have our people contact your people...

Availability for taping
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