Meet Your Neighbor

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Meet Your Neighbor Friday, 9:00 PM Sunday, 2:00 AM Monday, 1:00 AM Monday, 8:30 AM

Who can you learn from? How can their stories help you find your own path? --Loretta LaRoche

Meet Your Neighbor is a monthly cable television show where residents of Hopkinton, Massachusetts are interviewed up-close about their daily life including milestones, relationships, special interests and guiding philosophies. These interviews are intended to help viewers learn more about life from one another, and to also promote a greater sense of connection as people of all ages and backgrounds spin stories and share observations about their daily life. In addition to filming Hopkinton residents as part of this regular monthly tv show, more detailed responses are also transcribed and posted on the HCAM TV website.

Get to know the people of this small town, consider how their stories help to make our world a smaller, more connected and interesting place to live.

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