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Who can you learn from? How can their stories help you find your own path? --Loretta LaRoche

Meet Your Neighbor is a monthly cable television show where residents of Hopkinton are interviewed up-close about their daily life including milestones, relationships, interests and guiding philosophies. These interviews help viewers learn more about life from one another, and promote a greater sense of connection as people of all ages and backgrounds share stories and observations about their daily life.

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Get to know the people of this small town, consider how their stories help to make our world a smaller, more connected and interesting place to live.

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Kelly Grill In this interview, I meet Kelly Grill at likely her favorite Hopkinton location, being the Hopkinton Center for the Arts (HCA). Kelly, Executive Director at the HCA tells how her love of theater began in middle school when a teacher encouraged her to audition and keep going in performing arts productions. We focus on the importance of her collaboration with a few close friends from high school theater days which led to the creation of Enter Stage Left theater and to the later manifestation of Kelly's dream to create a center for the arts in Hopkinton. We also hear touching success stories of people whose lives have been changed by being involved with the HCA. Lucky for our town that Kelly and her childhood family landed in Hopkinton years ago...thanks to the act of feeding one particular influential horse in town!
Jim Cozzens In April I was delighted to interview our own beloved HCAM TV Station Manager, Jim Cozzens with Mike Torosian on camera. Jim sat down with me in his "home away from home" at the Studio and talked and (laughed some too) about the stories from his life. We heard about how Steven Spielberg made a difference in his life, and that "life is what happens when you are busy making other plans" as Jim studied the field of computers, but left that work in his area of true life calling. We learn about the importance of his time at home as a stay-at-home father for 6 years. We also get to hear about Jim's life-long commitment to communities...of his family, of his work in cable television, of his faith and his love of Hopkinton. I invite you learn about the man is behind the scenes making local cable television happen and working earnestly to keep our town connected as community.
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