AFC Championship Preview

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Fasten your seat belt folks! The New England Patriots will play the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday at 6:40 pm in Gillette Stadium. The Patriots are coming off a tough win against the Houston Texans while the Steelers won a thriller against the Kansas City Chiefs. This game will feature 2 teams that have top 5 defenses and offenses squaring off against each other. The Killer B's (Ben, Brown, and Bell) have been unstoppable in the final few games of the season while the Patriots have relied on Tom Brady to lead their offense. Both the Patriots and Steelers have been very successful with their offensive schemes in throwing short passes and relying on their run game to make key 3rd down conversions. The last time these 2 teams met, the Patriots won 27-16 at Pittsburgh. However, this is the first time in the Steelers season that their entire roster is healthy. In order for the Steelers to win, Antonio Brown needs to have at least 100 receiving yards and Le'Veon Bell needs to produce at least 100 rushing yards. It will be difficult to do against a Patriot defense who are ranked #1 in points allowed per game but certainly doable. In order for the Patriots to win, they have to keep Tom Brady upright and not allowing him to hit the turf. Brady performs best when he has time in the pocket to deliver a perfect pass and not when he is pressured and forced to get rid of the ball or take a sack. I see this game getting off to a slow start and picking up in the second half of the game. The Patriots have the best player in the NFL while the Steelers have arguably the 2nd and 4th best player on their team. It now comes down to which one of these players will be able to grab their team by the throat and carry them to a Super Bowl berth. It will be close but I'm taking Tom Brady and the Patriots to be playing in their 7th Super Bowl since 2000.

Patriots: 27
Steelers: 20