Editorial: Endorsing John Coutinho for Select Board

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Not the Time to Take Chances

Fellow Voters,

These are stressful times all around. Our National leadership has caused rifts between friends, neighbors and family members. Division has become the norm, with the so called ‘aisle’ widening as we succumb to the deafening rhetoric from the White House.

Have FAITH! This too shall pass. Hopkinton is an independent spirit. We shall overcome.

That said, this is not the time to take chances. It is CRITICALLY IMPORTANT we vote for candidates who show strong leadership skills and have the experience to bring Hopkinton forward through this pandemic and alternate world tensions.

I am a registered Independent, grown from a staunch Democratic family. I lean left. Despite the fact that John Coutinho and I often differ in our political views, I will, with NO hesitation, cast my vote for him on Monday.
John has extensive and relevant experience, ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT NOW with this pandemic spreading and other race and world tensions. He has been on nine boards and committees over the past two decades in Hopkinton, including:
Zoning Advisory Board (ZAC) – 10+ years
Planning Board – 9 years
School Volunteer – 19 years
Board of Selectmen – 6 years
Liaison to – Police, Fire, Marathon Fund and several other committees
Politics is not what drives John. He is committed to doing what is in the best interest of all, regardless of party line.
John is a community builder and solid leader. He is collaborative and comes from a positive place. He builds bridges to boards and communities, facilitating cohesion.
John is judicious. He will work hard to ensure we make decisions in the long-term best interest of all taxpayers.
John is committed to the best in education! This is critically important now as we deal with distance learning challenges during this pandemic.
John comes from a diverse background, from all perspectives. He supports and is accepting of all people. Regardless. Period.
John is a good listener. He values your perspective. His track record speaks for itself. He is present for his constituents. I encourage you to reach out to him to decide for yourself at electjohnc@gmail.com , or at 508.801.5000.
Finally, I trust John to do the right thing. He ALWAYS does.

In closing, this is NOT the time to take chances in our local government. We NEED consistent and relevant leadership. I don’t know the candidate running against John; I’m sure she has her strengths. And, all volunteers are to be saluted. However, now is not the time to take chances on a candidate who does not have the same depth of experience to lead us through these tumultuous times. John has made great strides for us in Hopkinton. He knows the ropes.

I encourage you to vote for John Coutinho on June 29th. He is the right candidate during these unprecedented times. He has the experience and the will, and I am confident John will lead Hopkinton to a better future.

Ann Brady
19 Elizabeth Road

**This article was written by a group or person in the Hopkinton Community and does not reflect the views of HCAM or any of their Board Members or Employees.**