Editorial: Supporting Muriel Kramer for Hopkinton's Planning Board

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I am writing this letter to express my endorsement for Muriel Kramer for Hopkinton's Planning Board. In all the years I have known and served with Muriel, she continues to impress me with her intelligence, experience, and dedication to the well being of everyone in Hopkinton. With her leadership and her ability to work with people of various opinions and positions, I believe Muriel Kramer is our voice and vision for a Planning Board that serves all of Hopkinton's residents.

For anyone who has worked with Muriel, you know that she is well-informed on the issues and comes prepared to work for all of our Town's residents. One recent example was at the Planning Board meeting held on April 12, 2017. An item being discussed was the proposed Chamberlain/Whalen development had a significant attendance and required a continuance to address the outline of issues and questions.

When setting a date for the continuance, Planning Board Chair Ken Weismantal wanted to schedule the discussion for the same night as the Conservation Commission meeting on April 24, in spite of protest by the overflow of concerned citizens in attendance and other planning board members. There were many issues regarding the Chamberlain/Whalen development that needed input from the Conservation Commission. Thankfully, Muriel asserted the importance of scheduling the continuance for a date that did not conflict with the Conservation Commission meeting. The meetings held at the same time in two different locations would impose upon people's ability to fully participate. With Muriel's voice of reason supporting the citizens, the Planning Board rescheduled the continuance for May 8, 2017.

Knowing Muriel's experience; from her past service as the Chair on the previous Master Plan Revision Committee and as a member of the Board of Selectmen, as well as currently on the Commission of Trust Funds; she continues to impress me with her vision of a town that serves all of its residents. She understands the importance of protecting the dignity and integrity of an open town government.

If you want voice and vision serving you and our town on the Planning Board, please join me on Town Election day, May 15, 2017, and vote for Muriel Kramer.

Mary Arnaut
51 Teresa Road