Hopkinton Police Unveil New Patrol Vehicle

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Hopkinton Police unveiled a new patrol vehicle at the Hopkinton Police Association Annual Fishing Derby. The full size pickup was a huge hit with the children as seen in the above photo. The new patrol truck functions fully as a patrol vehicle and is equipped with all the critical equipment of an emergency response vehicle. Some of the equipment that all Hopkinton Police Cruisers are equipped with include: moving radar, first aid kits, automated defibrillators, oxygen tanks, mobile data devices, police radio and scanner to list just some of the equipment.

This truck will enhance the fleet by adding the ability to deploy road barricades, traffic cones and detour signs. The patrol vehicle will be used to transport support equipment to crime scenes. The Hopkinton Police Department also has two speed trailers and a utility trailer that will towed by this truck. The traditional marked cruisers do not have the towing capacity to pull the utility trailer that functions as a mobile command post or a fishing derby support trailer.

This patrol vehicle was purchased and equipped entirely through the use of funds generously donated by Mrs. Helen O’Brien formerly of Hopkinton. Chief Lee has already heard positive feedback from community members who have seen the truck. Chief Lee has stated that he was overwhelmed by the generosity and kindness of Mrs O’Brien and wishes he had the opportunity to thank her.