Representative Dykema Tours IntAct Labs

By contributor,

State Representative Carolyn Dykema and members of the Water Infrastructure Finance Commission yesterday visited the office and laboratories of IntAct Labs LLC., calling its technology platform potentially "game changing" for waste water treatment plants. The Representative met with members of IntAct Lab's team and toured the site for a first-hand look at IntAct Lab's advances in microbial fuel cell technology.

Representative Dykema and Martin Pillsbury view a demonstration of the microbial fuel cells led by co-founder Justin Buck. She also discussed her support for emerging technologies like IntAct’s, and welcomed discussion on how Massachusetts can better support their growth in state.

“IntAct Labs is an example of talented, Massachusetts-educated entrepreneurs creating game-changing technology,” said Rep. Dykema. “IntAct, and similar local companies, are developing these products that are creating the jobs of tomorrow and will make lives better all over the world. It’s incredibly exciting work, and I’m looking forward to ensuring our state policies support their success.”

IntAct Labs LLC is a technology development company located in Cambridge, MA, dedicated to the vision of a world powered by renewable, biological energy technologies. As a world-leader in the emerging field of bio-electrochemical systems, IntAct has performed studies and developed technologies under funding from NASA, the USDA, NSF, EPA and private corporations. Together with a network of partners and collaborators in government, university and industry, IntAct is bridging the gap between high-impact concepts and commercial reality. To learn more explore their website or contact them to learn more:

State Representative Carolyn Dykema serves as the House Appointee to the Water Infrastructure Finance Commission and represents the towns of Holliston, Hopkinton, Medway (pct. 1), Southborough (pct. 2 & 3) and Westborough (pct. 2).