Watch Now: Mental Health Collaborative, Hopkinton Women's Club and HHS Band Update.. On the Hangout Hour!

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The 131st edition of the Hangout Hour took place on Monday, September 28th at 2pm and featured Abbie Rosenberg talking Mental Health Collaborative, the Hopkinton Women's Club and John Ritz discussing the Hopkinton High School Band.

Our next edition of the Hangout Hour takes place on Monday, September 28th at 2pm.

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HCAM is switching up our schedule! The Hangout Hour will now take place Mondays at 2pm and Wednesdays at 7pm. We are also adding HCAM Sports Talk Live, Wednesday's at 3pm and HCAM News Live, Thursday's at 6:30pm.

This show has been created to connect our community during this difficult time, so come share your interests or tune in for some interesting conversation!