Editorial: Supporting Amy Ritterbusch for Planning Board

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I am supporting Amy Ritterbusch for a five year term on the Hopkinton Planning Board. I have known Amy for many years, and I am confident that Amy will carefully consider proposals brought before the Planning Board, will do her background research, and will make sure she hears from constituents on all sides of any issues before making any decisions. Her experience on the Design Review Board and the Hopkinton Center Historic District Commission, her volunteer work with the Schools and the Scouts, and her development of eHop as an information resource for Hopkinton demonstrates how she has the knowledge, experience and hard-working attitude to make a difference on the Planning Board. She will be prepared and ready to participate at every meeting.

Amy is someone who will put what's right for Hopkinton first, and will be objective when considering the alternatives. Amy's communication skills, organizational skills and technical skills on website development and social media will allow her to keep the residents of Hopkinton informed of the proceedings of the Planning Board. I believe that with Amy on the Planning Board my voice, and the voice of fellow Hopkinton residents will be heard and will be considered.

Please vote for Amy Ritterbusch for Planning Board on May 15.

Rebecca Robak

3 Riverbend Road

Hopkinton MA