Editorial: Supporting Muriel Kramer for Planning Board

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We are happy and proud to support Muriel Kramer for a 5-year term on the Planning Board because of her strong and deep commitment to Hopkinton. We have known Muriel for almost 25 years, and have seen her devote countless hours of her time for the betterment of our town. Over the course of the past 15+ years, she has been a dedicated volunteer and has served us tirelessly on the Board of Appeals, on the Master Plan Committee, as a Selectman, and currently as a Commissioner of Trust Funds, and as the Deputy Town Moderator. She has developed a knowledge and understanding of the town’s issues and priorities that are second to none.

As a Hopkinton homeowner, and a parent of six wonderful children, Muriel understands the sometimes competing and conflicting needs and concerns of her neighbors, property developers, business owners and other stake-holders in the town, when it comes to development and growth issues that affect multiple factions. She is fair-minded and approachable, and consistently demonstrates her ability to not only listen, but hear and respect all sides of an issue. Her approach is always with an open mind, with no hidden agenda or pre-determined conclusions, and always with the goal of reaching logical and proper conclusions and decisions. Anyone that knows her will say she is honest, sincere, has unquestionable integrity, and WILL tell you what she thinks!

We have no doubt that Muriel will be an asset and leader on the Planning Board, and that she will serve with the same tireless energy and commitment that she has in the past, and that she always brings to the activities and endeavors in her life. Please join us on Monday May 15th in voting for Muriel Kramer for a 5-year term on the Planning Board.

Annie & Jeff Merzel
Alexander Road