"Opportunity is Knocking" - Support for the New School

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Hopkinton has to make a choice regarding the proposed elementary school and shift to neighborhood schools. It’s a subject of great debate in town prompting excellent dialogue regarding how we move forward educationally. At the height of this debate is the subject of neighborhood schools, parity, expenses and dispute over the feasibility study. These are certainly excellent topics to discern and dissect; however, absent from the core of this discussion are our children, the students themselves. What is in their best interest, not just short term but long term?

In Favor of Replacing Center School

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Center School needs to be replaced. Cramped quarters have forced specialists and their desks into hallways. The heating system is so inconsistent and antiquated that students have to wear coats in some rooms and T-shirts in others. There's not enough parking for staff, let alone parents and visitors. The bus loop is a traffic hazard on Ash Street and a safety hazard for children playing on the playground.

Resident to Host Coffee in Support of New School

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To the Editor,

I am new to Hopkinton. My husband Mike and I moved to town this past July with our 3 year old son. We are among the many young families that are attracted to the town of Hopkinton for many reasons. The most important to me as a parent is the stellar school system that has been built here.

In favor of K-5 Elementary School Districts

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I am writing to express support for the proposed new K-5 elementary school on Fruit Street and for three elementary school districts. I think many excellent arguments have been made to show why Center School is no longer safe or educationally sound for Hopkinton's children, as well as why now is the right time to go forward with this project financially due to low construction costs and the high reimbursement rate from the state. However, I know many residents are nervous about the concept of districted schools since this is something that has never before been done here.

Letter From MLK Day Chairman Linda Katz

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Dear Editor,

On behalf of the Hopkinton Youth Commission, I’d like to thank our friends and neighbors for making the fourth Annual Martin Luther King
Day of Giving Back a tremendous success. People of all ages gathered at the middle school to enjoy breakfast and hear our wonderful speaker, Sarah Varadian, tell us about her life of service which started as a 12 year old. (Look for a video of her talk on

Together, we then engaged in many different service projects to benefit others. Most of these projects were led by middle and high school youth

Signs of Transition

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Signs in nature surround us. They tell us when a storm approaches. They let fisherman know where to fish. Other natural signs are not so obvious. In themselves they usually don't mean much. Their subtle message, if any, is often obscure or remote. When they appear in the context of specific events or scenarios they can become more then just a random natural occurrence.

Happy New Year

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As you raise a glass of your favorite beverage to celebrate the arrival of the New Year, think back on the previous year. Think back on 2010 and what it was like to live in Hopkinton. Life moved at pretty much the same pace for most of us. Looking back a year we can see some changes and clearly our town has moved forward. We’re all probably a little better for it.

Now, go back a hundred years or so. What did Hopkinton look like? What drove our town? How did we live and work? What did the citizens of Hopkinton have to look forward to as they toasted the New Year?

All Things Senior Center--Christmas Memories

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The Night Before Christmas Golden Book--1955

Jingle Bells, Joy to the World, Silent Night and Deck the Halls with Boughs of Holly! During this Christmas season, the Senior Center itself is all decked out in preparation for the holiday. Winter greeneries drape the mantel over the fireplace, candy canes fill the dish on the front desk, a beautiful poinsettia sits on the table in the lobby and there’s even a brightly decorated tree sitting in front of the window. Make sure you check out the Thrift Shop, it’s filled with all kinds of Christmas items for sale (at half price now) that will make great gifts.


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